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Quality Components

Integrated Lights

Attention to Detail

Most Popular Models

EPIC 65/55

Ever wish you had more than one shot? The over under is essentially two spearguns in one. The upper line shaft at 65” was chosen for the larger species like Grouper or Cobia and the 55”’ free shaft is perfect for mangrove snapper and hogfish. A built in flashlight means even in a silted hole the fish can’t hide! The fiberglass reinforced epoxy tracks are color matched to make reloading quicker and easier. Let the hunt begin!

✓ Top shaft 65” 5/16 line shaft with two 5/8 bands, quick load line setup with slide ring.

✓ Lower 9/32 free shaft 55” with a single 5/8 band

✓ Neptonics Double trigger mechanism

✓ Neptonics auto reset reef mechanism

✓ Built-in Big Blue LED AL-250 underwater flashlight

✓ Choice between teak and rubber side plates for handle

✓ 5 layers of Clear West System UV Epoxy finish

$ 1,200

EPIC 48 

The Epic 48 is a small, sleek reef gun that moves through the water with ease. Designed with snapper and hogfish in mind. The quick load slide ring makes cycle times between shots quicker. High quality Neptonics hardware and a built in flashlight for better visibility under ledges makes this the perfect reef gun.

✓ 48” line shaft with quick line storage to convert to free shaft

✓ Built-in Big Blue LED AL-250 underwater flashlight

✓ Neptonics auto reset mechanism

✓ Choice between teak and multiple rubber side plates for handle

✓ 5 layers of Clear West System UV Epoxy finish

$ 700

Wanting something more custom?

Let’s talk! We can create a custom speargun to your unique needs and specifications.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say!

AMAZING difference compared to the gun I picked up at my local dive shop. I should have done this earlier, as the sport just got that much better overnight

George Spearco

First-Time EPIC Customer
Marathon, Florida Keys


As they say, once you go EPIC you never go back! This is the third EPIC Speargun in my growing collection… and for good reason. EPIC guns are a few steps above the rest in quality, and offer the customization options I desire to hunt underwater

Jason Smith

Owns 3 EPIC Spearguns
Miami, Florida


No other speargun I’ve used can even compare. The gun is perfect for my needs and the double-shaft with the double-trigger is a real weapon against monster grouper in the wrecks we dive regularly

Jose Calspar

Customer for 5 Years
Tampa Bay, Florida


Our Story

EPIC Spearguns is located on the west coast of Florida. The brand was launched one day after talking about the idea of building an “epic speargun”. Literally building our idea of the best gun out there. Other guns fell short with plastic triggers and muzzles that often broke. After seeking out the highest quality in parts and spending countless hours in the design room, the first EPIC Speargun was born.